Surgical Abortion in India

Surgical Abortion in India

Abortion is a crucial decision to be taken by any pregnant women as it also comes up with nervousness, anxiety and fears to both women and their partners. To terminate an unwanted pregnancy, abortion is the best option followed by all the conditions and precautions. When you are considering an abortion, you should know the needs and effects to make a wise decision to continue with a healthy life later. Thus, it is very important to get all vital knowledge about the treatment and abortion process and from the right place and right doctors.

Being into expert hands, will make you feel assured and safe. So, it’s very important to find one of the gems in the area of hospitality and medical care offering the best and safe surgical abortion in India.

Methods of Termination of pregnancy

There are mainly two types of Abortion methods:

  •  Medical Abortion (medication abortion)
  •  Surgical Abortion

Medical Vs. Surgical abortion

Surgical and medical abortion both is safe and can normally only be carried out up to 24 weeks of pregnancy. Secondly, in exceptional situations an abortion can take place after 24 weeks. So, to know which method is suitable for you would depend on the pregnancy time duration and your medical conditions. Doctors will offer you a choice of which method you would prefer.

Surgical abortion in India is one of the most commonly performed and safest methods of termination of pregnancy up to more than 80,000 women undergoing this procedure per year. It is performed in the first trimester, up to 14 weeks of gestation. It has a low complication rate and quite safe when carried out during this time.

How surgical abortion is carried out?

It involves starting a process with conscious sedation (relaxed but awake), a local anaesthetic (the area is numbed) or general anaesthetic (asleep). The process could be a bit discomforting but proper care and medical supervision given by doctors will be helpful.

It involves two ways.

  • Vacuum Aspiration: Under this procedure, a tube will be inserted through the entrance to the womb (the cervix). Then, the pregnancy is removed by using suction.
    It generally takes a short period of about 5 to 10 minutes and most women can go home a few hours later.
  • Dilation and Evacuation (D&E): It is performed around 15 weeks of pregnancy. In this method, special instruments called forceps are inserted into the cervix. The cervix is first dilated for several hours before surgery to take place.
    And the patient can go home on the same day after a few hours later.