Early Pregnancy Abortion Treatment in India

Early Pregnancy Abortion Treatment in India

"No women have an abortion for fun."

The statement is long enough to convey what a woman exactly feels. There could be many reasons to go to abortions. It is the unwanted pregnancy or sometimes a marital rape case. Some women are too young to have to take this responsibility while some reason. Modern times hold a solution for everything.

There are safe and no-after-side-effects methods available in modern times to get the content of the uterus out in no time. Medical abortion is one of the abortion procedure, which performed in early pregnancy abortion treatment in almost 95% of the cases. The method is safe, secure and known to give a 98+ percentage success rate every time.

What do you mean by early pregnancy?

Early pregnancy is known as the period of 12 weeks from the first day of your last periods. Usually, it is also known as the first trimester. Generally, people who want to go for abortion will follow this period. It involves two methods or techniques used by best hospitals.

  • Medical abortion
  • Surgical abortion

Now the first trimester consisting of 12 weeks is divided into two parts.

  • The pregnancy period of 10 weeks
  • More than ten weeks

For both the periods, there are different methods for terminating depends upon two factors:

  • Duration of pregnancy
  • Past medical conditions

Medical Abortion and surgical abortion

Medical abortion: Medical abortion is the method of termination of pregnancy of fewer than ten weeks. This does not include any surgery and is mainly based on medicines that have to be taken under the strict guidance of the doctor. It is one of the safest techniques used and has no side effects. Although opting for a medical abortion, there are some prerequisite that has to be taken under consideration-

  • History of medication, abortions, pregnancy, etc.
  • Previous diseases
  • Age of pregnancy

Medical abortion is mainly an at-home process and requires a few visits to the hospital for a checkup. The process is easy and requires no anaesthesia at all.

Some important points to consider:

  • Medical abortion can be easy and effective, but it should be taken under the guidance of medical personnel, as the process will be risky in terms of the health of the person if not followed in a certain way.
  • The person may face bleeding for some days or weeks after the completely normal abortion.
  • Use sanitary pads instead of tampons to avoid vaginal intercourse.

Surgical abortion: In this process, a complete surgery of 20 minutes is involved. The method gives a 99% result and a complete assessment of the prerequisites before performing. It can be performed up to 14 weeks of pregnancy and it is using vacuum suction or dilation and evacuation technique to remove the content of the uterus. Both the process is safe and performed according to the requirement of the patient.

It is best so not to wait for the situation to get worse. Early Pregnancy treatment in India is safe, trustworthy and legal.