Avail the Best Abortion Facilities in India

Avail the Best Abortion Facilities in India

Although abortion is legal in India in certain conditions, unsafe abortion facilities in India endanger the lives of countless women each day. Social, economic and logistical barriers prevent many women from going to medical institutions thus posing major health risks to the patient. 
India allows for medical termination of pregnancy up to 24 weeks, and legal abortion clinics run by registered medical practitioners are present all over the country, especially in the capital city of Delhi.

Reasons For Choosing Abortion
A pregnant woman may choose to terminate her pregnancy due to various socio-economic and personal reasons. An unplanned pregnancy or forced pregnancy can always be taken care of by legal and safe methods of ending the pregnancy. Depending on the pregnancy, the medical practitioner may suggest either medical or surgical abortion.  

Medical Abortion V/s Surgical Abortion
When the gestation period is under 12 weeks, medical abortion is preferred. This method involves the usage of mifepristone and misoprostol pills to end the pregnancy. These pills empty the uterine contents and abortion can be confirmed within 72 hours of the procedure. 
When the pregnancy has exceeded the 12-week mark, the surgical method of abortion is suggested. Surgical abortion involves the use of an electric or manual suction device to empty the uterine contents and hence end the pregnancy. This procedure is carried out under expert medical supervision by trained professionals. 

Where to Safely Get An Abortion?
There are several clinics and hospitals for safe and legal abortion in Delhi. Abortion clinics provide a safe and sterile environment for carrying out the abortion procedure without posing any health risks to the patient. These clinics are equipped with proper medical equipment and have medical personnel present at all times to care for the patient. The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 grants the legal framework for the availability of abortion facilities/services in India. Termination of pregnancy is permitted up to 20 weeks of gestation under different conditions.

However, countries in the middle-east and neighbouring areas don’t have an adequate legal framework for abortion. Women from these countries can travel to India for safe and legal abortion in Delhi. Medical tourism to India is very popular due to the availability of good medical facilities in the best abortion clinic in Delhi.