The Legality of Abortion in India

The Legality of Abortion in India

Unwanted pregnancy can cause severe psychological problems and make pregnant ladies feel overburdened physically. Every woman has a complete right to get an abortion in India whether she is poor or rich, married or married, minor or adult but there are some laws behind it which are necessary to follow to call it a legal procedure.

Despite living in the 21st century, unwanted pregnancy is still considered as a taboo in the society and women hesitates to talk about it publically. Don’t make your life get disturbed with an improper family planning and unplanned pregnancy. Once you come to know about your pregnancy, you can take a step to terminate it.

Most of the women face trouble in dealing with their unplanned pregnancy. There are many Arab countries and other states where termination is not acceptable and has banned under the law. Let’s figure out the laws which are followed to have an abortion in India.

Is abortion legal in India?

The term abortion refers to the deliberate medical process of removal of an embryo of the uterus. Under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act, 1971, abortion is legally permitted to perform up to 20 weeks of gestation. It can be performed in two ways- medical or surgical varies depending on your pregnancy stage, health conditions and medical history.

Under what conditions abortion is legal to perform?

  • If a continuation of pregnancy can cause any risk to the life of the mother either mentally or physically (or both).
  • If a foetus or embryo has a severe malfunction.
  • If pregnancy is caused due to the failure of contraception.
  • If a pregnancy is a result of rape or sexual assault.

Is abortion in India legal for unmarried girls?

With a rise in the ratio of pregnancies amongst unmarried girls, the laws of abortion give an answer to this question. It is legal for unmarried girls to have an abortion in India in the following situations:

  • For a minor (below 18 years of age), a girl has to provide consent of a parent or guardian to get an abortion.
  • A woman who’s an adult, she can provide her own consent without the permission of guardian and parent.

Who can help you?

In order to get a termination, there are many hospitals/clinics in Delhi that provides quality healthcare services to every patient. Consult a qualified gynaecologist for better advice and treatment. The early pregnancy treatment can reduce the chances of complexity. Therefore, do not wait for it too long, get it done as soon as possible you can.