How to Opt for Medical Abortion in India?

How to Opt for Medical Abortion in India?

"Do not base your life decisions on the advising of those who do not have to deal with the results." If you are not ready to take responsibility for life due to some reasons, then it is totally fine. The most important aspect of this is that you do it right.

Abortion is a delicate procedure and may affect the body of a woman in many ways. Today technology has integrated innovations into medical science. The abortion procedures are painless, easy to perform and have no side effects if performed under professional guidance.

There are two methods of abortion and depends upon the time of conceiving weeks. One is a medical abortion, and the other is a surgical approach.

Medical abortion in India

Medical abortion refers to the excision of content from the uterus without any anaesthesia. The medical abortion procedure is done when the gestation is up to 63 days. There is no hard and fast rule of exactly 63 days. The time may extend up to 12 weeks.

You can avail of the best abortion services in India for highly satisfying results. There are medical personals who have years of experience under legal terms of medical abortion in India. Medical abortion is the natural way to terminate the pregnancy. It is one of the best mechanisms to terminate the pregnancy in the first trimester of pregnancy with a success rate of 95-98%.

Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is recommended for termination of pregnancy for more than 12 weeks. In this, the surgeon removes the contents from the uterus section through a vacuum suction tube. It’s requires anaesthesia, and the patient has to admit in the hospital for a couple of hours for the complete procedure of abortion. The success rate of surgical abortion is 99% and is completely safe.

An unplanned pregnancy especially when you are unmarried has to go under legal proceedings:

  • For a girl of age less than 18 years of age have to provide consent of a guardian or parents for the proceedings.
  • Adult women do not have to provide any consent from the guardian. They can have their consent.

There is a common myth about abortion pills about their safety. The best abortion services in India say that abortion pills can easily clear the content in a couple of days or hours. You can easily access the abortion pills over medical shops if you are above 18 years of age. There is no barrier in-laws and policies over this.

Medical vs surgical: Best abortion services in India

Abortion is a personal choice, and there are safety measures of abortion available. You can choose between medical and surgical depending upon the period of your pregnancy.

Which is better?

Opting any of the procedures is completely safe. The decision of adopting depends upon the medical history, circumstances, and personal preference of the patient.

It is recommended to have words with a certified doctor before taking any pills on anyone’s advice. The methods of abortion are completely safe and appropriate to terminate the pregnancy.