Find One of The Best Abortion Hospital in India

Find One of The Best Abortion Hospital in India

Abortion can be defined, in medical terminology as ‘termination of the growing fetus’. To explain abortion, it can be said as- "Abortion, in medicine, means the premature exit of the products of conception." To explain it to the common people, abortion can be explained as, a procedure to end a pregnancy using medicines or surgeries to remove the fetus and the placenta, from the uterus.

The legal aspect of medical abortion in India

According to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, there is a proper framework maintained to make availability of medical services for women until the 20 weeks of gestation. In some exceptional cases, it might be possible to perform until 24 weeks. A patient living in any country can get an medical abortion in India without giving attention to their religion, region, financial status and caste. Both domestic and international citizens are free to consult a medical practitioner and ask for help.

MTP Act specifies some medical conditions to terminate the childbirth, i.e.,

  • If a woman has not exceeded 12 weeks of pregnancy, she can end the childbirth by the registered medical practitioners.
  • If a woman exceeds 12 weeks of pregnancy, then she can abort a baby by a qualified and registered medical team.

Who can conduct abortion?

Abortion is a highly sensitive procedure. It requires intense expertise and aftercare as well. Abortion, being a medical procedure can only be conducted by licensed and experienced, one who has the skills. If you are planning to have an abortion, make sure you seek professional advice. It is often seen, due to the stigma associated with abortion, often women try opting for alternate ways, which are unsafe and even illegal. Undergoing an unsafe abortion can have health hazards to you as well as to your future conception if any.

How to decide and opt for medical abortion in India?

Abortion or the decision to end a pregnancy is a very sensitive and entirely personal opinion. The feeling of motherhood is very serene. The woman has all the rights to decide on whether she is ready enough for bringing a new life to this world. Thus, it is no one more deserving, other than the mother (or the person conceiving) to have the prime decision. The ultimate say should be abiding by what the mother feels. Even today, in our country, India, there is a stigma associated with the entire idea of abortion. In most cases, either they are misused or they are discouraged as a whole. Women, who do not find their way to address their sudden pregnancy, often become desperate and end up taking the wrong way out. To remain aloof of the societal judgements, they resort to unprofessional and other unethical ways for aborting the fetus, thus making impediments to their healthy life as well as the future fetuses to come (if any).

As the world is moving towards an egalitarian society, where women are at par with men, women tend to decide between their conceptions. They often want to space the gap between the children or not bear the fetus as all, at that stage. At times, the reason for abortion is entirely from medical concern as well. As it happens in some pregnant women, wherein the doctor suspects abnormalities, would have to undergo abortions.

Go for safe medical abortion in India- in certified abortion hospital in India

At times, while the gestational age, the gynaecologists can recommend abortion because of impertinent dangers to the mother and the child during pregnancy. The certified abortion hospitals in India could easily diagnose such condition and thus suggest medical abortion under the supervision of a certified doctor. There are at times, severe complications in the course of pregnancy wherein the doctors would recommend and perform surgical abortions or other forms of aborting the fetus as soon as possible, according to the condition.

The aftercare of medical abortion in India

It is a tendency in the patients, especially in India, where they seem not to care much about the conditions, post-treatment. In cases of abortions, it is necessary to take optimal care and guide the patient thoroughly. Post-abortion treatments can show some severe complications at times, and if not handled at the right moment, could be fatal.