A Comparison of Medical Abortion vs Surgical Abortion

A Comparison of Medical Abortion vs Surgical Abortion

Understanding the options for termination of pregnancy can prove to be beneficial for the healthy life of a woman. Experiencing an unplanned or unwanted pregnancy can be very sensitive and brings a huge confusion of choosing the best abortion procedure. Both medical and surgical abortion is considered safe and secure but it varies from the health condition of women. Selecting a suitable method is dependent on the gestation of the pregnancy.

Choose Between Medical Abortion & Surgical Abortion

In order, to clarify and help you out to find the safest method, let’s discuss the differences between medical and surgical abortion.

What are they?

Medical Abortion - The combination of mifepristone and misoprostol pills are used to remove the contents of pregnancy from the uterus. It is more of a natural process to end the childbirth.

Surgical Abortion - A vacuum suction tube is used during a surgery to empty the contents of pregnancy from the uterus. It requires anaesthesia.

How does it Perform?

Medical Abortion - A doctor prescribes a medication that stops pregnancy to produce. 1-3 days after consuming the first pill, the second pill places into the vagina. A patient can stay comfortably at home during the process. Some women may experience bleeding and cramping. After the process, visit the hospital to ensure the completion of termination.

Surgical Abortion - A doctor puts a speculum tool into the vagina. Anaesthesia is used to numb the cervix and then gently widens the lining of the uterus. A suction tube is used to remove the tissues of pregnancy from the womb.

How much is it Effective?

Medical Abortion - A medical procedure is best considerable during the first trimester of the pregnancy. It is generally used up to the 12 weeks of pregnancy. It is highly successful about 95-98%.

Surgical Abortion - A surgical procedure is best recommended for the pregnancy that exceeds 12 weeks. It has about 99% high success rate.

There are a few chances of risk and complications in both the methods. A doctor needs to examine the kind of procedure a particular woman may respond.

How much time does it take?

Medical Abortion - A patient needs to give two visits to the clinic for tests, check-ups, medical exam and treatment. The first appointment takes about one hour and the second is approximately 30 minutes. The confirmation of the success of termination is done during the second visit. It is generally done while staying at home.

Surgical Abortion - A patient usually need to give only one visit for discussion, investigation and procedure. The procedure just takes about 15-20 minutes. A patient is advised to stay at the hospital after the treatment to get recover from the anaesthesia. Overall, the entire procedure ends in about 3-4 hours under the supervision of doctors.

What is Perfect for you?

The decision of adopting the method is up to the circumstances, medical history and personal preferences of the patient. To make sure about the best method it is always good to talk about the procedure and preventions with the doctor for better guidance.

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