Make the Right Decision by Selecting Best Abortion Services in India

Make the Right Decision by Selecting Best Abortion Services in India

Abortion is a very sensitive and crucial procedure to end the pregnancy. Getting an abortion done and coping with an unwanted pregnancy is a physical and mental agony for the woman.

This problem is aggravated in countries like India, where the women are scared. The social taboos prevent the woman from taking timely help. She sometimes does not want to disclose her problem to the doctor, a friend, or a family member.

She might also resort to illegal ways of termination of pregnancy and feel scared of revealing the pregnancy and in that process the duration of pregnancy increases, and procedure may become difficult.

Opting for safe and best abortion services in India is the right decision to make. In India, due to legal restrictions and lack of safety there are a million women and adolescent girls who risk their lives and health. Not Anymore! At AHII, we provide with best abortion services in India.

We believe that every female has the right to obtain best abortion services. We at AHII treat every patient with utmost care. Our main objective is to disseminate awareness about legal abortion and provide best abortion services in India.

We use multiple media channels, creative technology solutions (like smartphone apps, chatbots and hotlines) and interpersonal communication to educate, connect and combat this stigma.

Risks of unsafe abortion

Unsanitary Conditions

Unsafe abortion is generally performed in shady places which are unsensitised and dirty conditions. It can increase the risk of lethal infections.

Severe Bleeding

Unsafe abortion can lead to severe bleeding which can result in ultimate death of the mother.

Severe Damage to the Genitals and Abdomen

Unsafe abortion procedure is mostly commenced by untrained doctors or amateurs which can lead to severe damage to the genitals and abdomen.

Always opt for legal and best abortion services in India which are provided by AHII. We understand our responsibility and provide 100% assistance for 24 hours to every mother, daughter and sister.

Medical Abortion in India

Medical abortion in India is the most preferred abortion option that is recommended for the pregnancy of not more than 6-week duration. In general, it is the method for one-month pregnancy abortion.

The procedure involves only medication which must be taken under the guidance of an experienced medical professional. The procedure is surgery-free and hence no anaesthesia is required.

Medical abortion in India is an outdoor procedure. It is a quick procedure and does not require hospitalisation, instrumentation, and anaesthesia. The patient needs to be in touch with the doctor. At our hospital, the procedure is performed in a very professional and systemic way:

  • The duration of pregnancy is confirmed by ultrasound.
  • Detailed medical history is taken.
  • The procedure is fully explained.
  • The medication is provided under medical guidance.

Some important points include:

  • Opting for the procedure also depends upon the history and medical condition of the person.
  • After the whole process, the patient must visit the doctor for confirmation of the termination.
  • The process is known to give 98% positive results.
  • The person will experience bleeding for a couple of days which is completely normal.

Surgical Abortion in India

Surgical abortion is another way of terminating the pregnancy.

Surgical abortion is a simple procedure of abortion which is performed by a suction. The procedure takes at best, 5-10mins. It is considered to be a safe procedure.

It is likely for the woman to face some light pain and discomfort.

Nausea is a very common symptom

Dizziness and sleepiness is also very common due to anaesthesia.

There are a lot of abortion clinics to choose from but we provide with the best abortion services in India. All the procedure is carried out in medically sound conditions and a well- equipped operation theatre.

Medical abortion in India is commensed by the most experienced doctors in their respective fields. There is a long list of health care services we provide pre and post abortion procedures.

Once the abortion is completed successfully, we keep the patience under observation and make sure to provide proper guidance and medical care.