Tips For Faster Recovery After Abortion

Tips For Faster Recovery After Abortion

Abortion is the safest and effective procedure to terminate the childbirth but it is necessary to handle it with care. At some point, women may feel alone and experience several complications. Women undergo various changes in their body throughout the process.

Post-procedure care is very necessary to heal faster. Here are a few tips and guidelines to make your experience safer.

Confirm the Success of Abortion

Go for a pregnancy test after your abortion to ensure the treatment is successful. Make sure to get your test done after 4 weeks for the best results. In three weeks, the test results can be inaccurate. It is advised to schedule the test appointment on the same day when the procedure ends or can be placed via phone call.

Avoid Sexual Contact with your Partner

Do not intimate with your partner for at least 15 days after the treatment to reduce the risk of infection. It is the best way to gain a speedy recovery. Sexual contact can cause severe complications in the female reproductive system. Also, don’t forget to use contraception otherwise there can be chances to get pregnant again.

Should Not Take a Bath

It is better not to take a bath for at least 48 hours in any of the medical or surgical procedure as it can raise the risk of infection. While concerning a basic hygiene, you can have a shower to feel clean. Keep in mind to have a shower with someone who can take your responsibility and be there for you. Also, avoid swimming for 2 weeks.

Avoid Using Tampons

It is advised to use tampons after 4 weeks or after the first menstrual cycle after the treatment. Do not place a tampon until then otherwise it cause serious infection in the body. You can use sanitary pads during menstruation instead of tampons.

Do Not Consume Alcohol

Avoid any kind of drug and alcohol consumption for approximately 48 hours. Strictly not to drink alcohol while taking the antibiotics as it can be a threat to your life.

Basic Things to do

  • Eat a healthy and nutritious diet.
  • Make sure to sleep early at night.
  • Do not exercise or go to the gym for two weeks.
  • Do not insert anything into your vagina for a couple of weeks.
  • Take complete rest for a few days.

What is the Best for you?

Follow the above general advice to prevent any dangerous situation. Do not hesitate to call for help at any time. Make sure to keep someone along with you to take your charge. In a distress, you need to talk to experts for better guidance and advice. Seek a professional support and heal the post-abortion trauma. Also, get the counselling sessions in the abortion center in Delhi to keep you updated and aware.