Things You Need to Know About Teenage Abortion in India

Things You Need to Know About Teenage Abortion in India

Abortion is it hot topics all around the globe, termination of pregnancy age and sole right and decision which can be taken by any female. But in the case of teenage abortion in India, there are some factors that you need to consider for availing safe and secure abortion services. If you are an adult female you don't have to take any permission for consent before terminating the pregnancy.

Whereas, regarding teenage abortion, there are so many questions in people's mind. The minors get an abortion due to some personal reasons to have some positive opinions it would help them to have some confidence in taking suitable and wise decisions.

And the major question is is it legal or not?

Abortion is legal in India as we discussed above adult women does not require any consent.

In case of teen abortion in India, minor of age under 18 years need parents permission before undergoing termination of pregnancy. The official act that has been forced is the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act' 1971. The act says the proper framework and structure should be maintained before availing abortion services.

Generally, termination of pregnancy takes place until the 20 weeks of gestation. And in some exceptional cases, it goes until 24 weeks.

What to consider:

The most prominent thing is that you should be open about your pregnancy reasons and all other vital information. Don't be afraid and hesitate to take help from your elders or parents. This will lead you to safer options. Later, you can consult a doctor for all your questions and grasp all essential and necessary information. We can get more expert advice which will result in a more safe and secure abortion.

Who can avail services?

Whether you are from another country or you live in the same country you can easily avail abortion services without any hindrance.The services or not only for national local patients who can avail and concert any medical preparation to have all needed aid. But any woman who is living in another country can come and have their termination of pregnancy in India. The services are open for everyone irrespective of caste, nationality, and financial status etc.

Abortion treatment

Take a sigh of relief as we are here to tell that even teenage abortion in India is the safest to have. Termination of pregnancy is considered one of the safest processes then giving birth. If you are nervous about the teen abortion procedure, then let's get into some more details. It is done in two ways for methods.

Medical abortion

  • It is done up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • This method involves some medications that are given under strict prescription to the patient.
  • The medicines are commonly known as abortion pills and they are- mifepristone and misoprostol.

Surgical abortion

  • This procedure includes ending the pregnancy by employing a gentle suction through the tube into the uterus.
  • There are no cuts and stitches required.
  • It is undertaken for 12 to 20 weeks of pregnancy.