Abortion in Teenagers

Abortion in Teenagers

Teenage pregnancy is no more a surprise but is needed to handle with right care and education. Women in their 20s or 30s can even experience unplanned and unwanted pregnancy. The most important is the way you and your family take it. Coming to a decision of abortion can be difficult for teens but undoubtedly it is the safest and effective method to terminate the childbirth.

What is Abortion?

An abortion is a deliberate method to end the childbirth. This happens through the removal of an embryo from the uterus of the female reproductive system. A girl may undergo from anxiety or discomfort during pregnancy but it may not last for long time duration.

Reasons Why Teenagers Choose to Have an Abortion

There are many reasons to choose abortion as a teenager. In these circumstances, the education level and socioeconomic standard also play a vital role. Some of the reasons are:

  • Do not want to take a responsibility of a child.
  • Due to financial instability, a girl is not able to afford to have a baby.
  • Not mature enough to have a baby.
  • The interruption in education and career plans.
  • Lack of parental support.
  • The partner is not ready to take a charge of a child.
  • Pregnancy is caused due to rape.
  • To avoid the societal pressure.

In adolescents, there is a fear that the child will become a course of their lives. Lack of education and awareness is a major reason for complications during the young age. When a girl is in a casual relationship and found her pregnant, then to terminate the unwanted pregnancy, abortion is the best possible way to move forward.

How to Get Abortion as a Teenager?

While choosing an abortion, consider the possibilities regarding health and the safety checklist to prevent any severe problems. Take your health on the first priority.

Confirmation of Pregnancy

When you’re missing a period, it may be possible that you’re pregnant. It is an ideal choice to do a pregnancy test at home. Also, consider visiting a doctor for an accurate result. Confirm the pregnancy by a professional is the best way out.

Try to Find a Supportive Person

There are many cases where a girl is not prepared to talk to her parents. In this situation, ask for help from someone else you have faith and have the confidence to talk. Keep calm and decide what’s best for you. Think twice and ask for the support when you need it the most.

Schedule an Appointment With a Doctor

When your pregnancy is confirmed, try to find a great procedure to abort an unplanned pregnancy. Immediately book an appointment and get an expert advice. The doctor will answer all your queries. And this is what you can expect at the time of visit:

  • A doctor performs a medical exam, ultrasound and blood tests to know the stage of pregnancy.
  • A doctor will discuss the procedure and talk to the parents/supportive person about the same.
  • Perform the suitable procedure under the supervision of experienced medical practitioners.
  • Educate and give guidelines for the post-abortion care to prevent any infection.

Now there is an availability of the best healthcare services in Delhi regardless of geographical location, religion or caste. Do not hesitate to talk about abortion if you do not want to raise a child. Discuss with your elders or parents while coming to the conclusion.