Abortion Safety Checklist

Abortion Safety Checklist

During pregnancy, you need to consider all the ideal choices for better family planning. It is a decision of the mother whether she wants to take the responsibility of a child or not. If you want to abort your unexpected pregnancy, there are multiple steps which are required to keep in mind to have a safe and healthy abortion procedure.

Here are some essential facts you need to concentrate before getting an abortion in India:

Confirm your pregnancy

The pregnancy test is a primary step to assure that you’re pregnant or not. It can be done at home but for a complete confirmation, you need to visit the clinic for the test. Following the positive result in a pregnancy test, you should get an ultrasound to determine the pregnancy stage. Ultrasound also helps you to get an accurate assessment of how far along you are. It is also essential when you’re opting for an abortion.

Risks involved in the abortion procedure

While considering an abortion, you need to aware of the involved risks factors throughout the procedure. All abortion clinics provide different healthcare services and procedures. Fortunately, women have a right to ask for each step prior to the treatment. Do not hesitate to ask for the type of procedure will be conducted upon what specific complications are associated with it.

Overall, abortion is an effective process to terminate the pregnancy. Some women may experience complications while some may not. Knowing it before beginning with the treatment is important.

Consult a good gynaecologist and obstetrician

There is a lot of information available on the internet regarding abortion. Still, it is necessary to consult an expert to ensure the information you have received is correct and up-to-date. After reviewing the abortion procedures, cost and everything call a qualified medical practitioner who can give you genuine advice. It is advisable not to follow any details blindly available online without speaking to a knowledgeable gynaecologist.

Evaluate each alternative

In order to choose the best possible decision, you need to consider each option and step in detail. It allows you to be confident, informed and prepared for the treatment mentally as well as physically.

Right to make your own choice

At any moment prior to the procedure, you can reconsider all the facts and difficulties. There is no barrier which can stop you to say a ‘no.’ The decision is legally yours and it is fine to change your mind.

There are numerous abortion hospitals in Delhi which provide safe and legal treatment for termination. The sooner you get it done, the better it would be for you.

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