A Guidelines to Get the Right Abortion in Delhi

A Guidelines to Get the Right Abortion in Delhi

There is a common misconception in the minds of many that Abortions are illegal in India. But it is not illegal, it is only conducted with a proper framework stated under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act which came into existence in 1971.

MTP Act specifies some medical conditions to terminate the childbirth, i.e.,

  • If a woman has not exceeded 12 weeks of pregnancy, she can end the childbirth by the registered medical practitioners.
  • If a woman exceeds 12 weeks of pregnancy, then she can abort a baby by the qualified and registered medical team.

Who has the Freedom to Get an Abortion?

A minor girl who is below the age of 18 years or a mentally ill woman is mandatory to provide a consent to a doctor written by a guardian who is in charge to take care of the patient. It is not necessary to file a consent only by a parent, any person who is responsible for the women can take such a decision.

A consent is not required by a guardian for an adult who is above the age of 18 years as she is mature enough to make her own decisions and choices. An adult, married or unmarried women can provide a consent written by her without any permission.

Overall, every woman has a right to choose whether to raise a baby or not. All women can get the safest abortion by following some rules and regulations for the betterment of their health.

Also, there is a right to privacy where any information regarding the termination is kept confidential in a custody of the head of the venture. The personal documents and any details shall not be disclosed to any third person/party.

Is Delhi Legal and Safe to Get an Abortion?

In recent years, Delhi has become the most secure place for domestic and international patients for an abortion. Many developed hospitals and specialized medical practitioners follow a drive to serve the same quality of healthcare services to all productive members of the society. Every daughter, sister and mother are given a proper counselling and support to prevent the future medical problems.

Countries, where government abortion is banned or having some strict laws, can definitely choose Delhi as the best choice. Patient belongs to any country, state, city, caste or religion will get a required help and assistance.

Steps to be Followed by International Patients

  1. Schedule an Appointment with a doctor.
  2. Discuss the related queries on a phone call.
  3. Apply for the tourist visa.
  4. Provide confirmation about the arrival to a doctor.
  5. On a day of the appointment, clarify all the past medical issues (if any) and procedure details.
  6. Go for routine checkups and tests.
  7. A doctor will give a support during and after the procedure.
  8. Ensure to follow post procedure for fast recovery.

Don’t take so much time to think. Go for it sooner to get it in a better way.