Know the Benefits of an Abortion Pill to have a Safe Pregnancy Termination

Know the Benefits of an Abortion Pill to have a Safe Pregnancy Termination

The terms abortion refers to the termination of pregnancy by removing an embryo or foetus of the uterus in a female body. While planning to end an unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, one should consider all the possible aspects to have the safest pregnancy treatment. There are two methods of abortion: medical and surgical. Both are known as completely safe and has very rare chances of complications. Medical abortion is performed up to 9 weeks of gestation whereas surgical abortion is performed within 9 to 16 weeks or after.

Getting an abortion is a tough decision for a woman, but it is important for proper family planning. Other than listening to the opinions of society, a woman needs to take care of her health at the first priority. Once you have decided to end the pregnancy, you need to figure out all the aspects and go for the best possible option.

The medical abortion procedure is an ideal choice for early pregnancy stages up to 9 weeks. Taking an abortion pill is the preference of 9 out of 10 women because in this case, no surgery is required to abort a baby.

Here are some reasons to choose abortion pill for a simpler procedure:

Easy to consume

Most of the doctors prescribe abortion pills in the first trimester. After a visit, medicines can be taken comfortably while staying at home. It has more than 90% high success rate. It has rare cases of side effects as compared to surgical intervention. In most of the situations, women deal with no complication and it’s easy for them to conceive in the future.

Less painful

As compared to the surgery, it is less distressing to take the pills. Some women might get nervous after listening to having the surgery so it also works quite well for women who wish to stay relaxed before the procedure.

Inexpensive and economical

It is a way cheaper and economical method to end the childbirth than surgical. In an additional, there is no shortage of availability of mifepristone and misoprostol in the market. More than 61% of women go for medical procedure who are not financially stable and had trouble to raise money for a surgery.

Low medical risks

There are fewer side effects in case of medication treatment. Mostly teenagers opt for the consumption of pills to avoid health risks in the future. There is no insertion of anaesthesia or instruments into the vagina that prevents the infection. However, it is suggested to undergo a complete health checkup before choosing a suitable method.

Where to get an abortion pill in India?

There are a lot of healthcare services established for women in Delhi, India. Women belong to any country, state or city can consult an experienced gynaecologist and obstetrician to take the best advice. Strictly, not to take pills without the doctor’s prescription, it may cause severe health issues.