What to do Before Getting an Abortion?

What to do Before Getting an Abortion?

Abortion is the most effective process for women who don’t want to give birth to a child. Termination of pregnancy is pretty common these days and is also medically secure. Women are free to make their individual choices but professional doctors are the one who can decide better what’s best for you. If you want to end your pregnancy, consult the right medical practitioner for proper counselling and support as soon as possible.

After your healthcare provider had suggested you with the relevant treatment options, start preparing for your abortion appointment to avoid complications in the future. The numerous abortion hospital in India provides counselling sessions before getting an abortion to make women physically and mentally prepared. You can speak with one of the healthcare providers you trust the most. Here are a few things that should be taken care of before an abortion appointment:

Bring someone with you on the day of your abortion

It is important to take someone along with you when you have your abortion. Arrange a person who is able to take your responsibility and can drive you home after an abortion. Ask your friend or any trusted family member to come with you. They can sit with you in the waiting area but cannot be present at the time of consultation and treatment. The nurses and consultants at the healthcare center will help you.

For minors who are under the age of 18 are highly suggested to bring an adult who accompanies you home after getting an abortion.

Arrange a person who can drive you home

It is important to think about your return travel before you arrive for your appointment as a doctor may not suggest you drive yourself home. Either you had a medical or surgical abortion, it is not advised to take public transport after an abortion treatment. Bring a friend or any family member whom you trust the most and can stay with you for the next 24 hours. Patients who came from abroad are advised to stay in a hotel or any local place overnight.

Things to keep ready for your abortion appointment

Here’s a list of some important things, your healthcare provider may advise you to do on the day of your abortion appointment:

  • Your medical history and related reports.
  • Comfortable clothes, warm socks and a pair of slippers.
  • Wear underpants and bring at least 2 sanitary pads. Avoid taking menstrual cups and tampons.
  • Glasses and contact lens kit for storage purpose. (if you wear it)
  • Medical insurance claim and photo ID card.
  • Take a bath or shower before reaching the hospital/clinic.
  • Reschedule your appointment if you have a fever or flu-like signs.

Things to Avoid

  • Do not eat anything 3 hours before the treatment.
  • Do not drink before the treatment.
  • Do not consume aspirin or any other drugs before 24 hours of your appointment.
  • Do not wear perfume.
  • Do not consume alcohol and drugs before 24 hours of the treatment.

Read the ways to get prepare for abortion for better understanding. Also, feel free to send a query if you have any doubts about abortion.