Medical Abortion in India- The Grey Picture

Medical Abortion in India- The Grey Picture

Aborting a life-pertaining fetus remains to be one of the most controversial and debatable paradigms of narrative in India. In late January 2020, the Union Cabinet amended the 1971 Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act allowing women to seek abortions as part of reproductive rights and gender justice. The Indian amendment says “there is no limit for gestational age in case of fetal abnormalities. "This addresses maternal mortality and morbidity arising from unsafe abortions.

Unsafe medical abortion is one of the most major reasons for maternal deaths. There are many complications which arise due to unsafe abortions. There are reports which shows, each year 5 million women in the world goes through complications, reason being unsafe medical abortions.

Often and again, there are surveys and studies made which shows lack of health infrastructure and proficient medical help to be sole impediments to safe abortions. Abortions are as basic rights to women as all other rights. She has the right to adopt this method, the reason maybe anything, Often and again stress had been levied on abortions to be the only way to create physiologically healthy society. In conception cases, which has underlying health-hampering conditions for the mother or the fetus, abortions have time and again been the only method.

Today, in a progressive society wherein the women have come out after years of fight against the shackles of patriarchy and societal conventions, they have the legitimate right to plan their pregnancy or whether or not to become a mother now. Becoming a mother is indeed a serene feelings to have, but it comes along with its own challenges, like the proper upbringing if the new life born. The women have full right to re-consider and think about these sensitive issues, nevertheless, it has the most impact on them!

But the paradox here lies is that not all has the access to safe and proper medical abortion in India. If proper medical assistance is not provided, medical abortions can turn to be fatal.

A Center for Safe And Legal Abortion in India

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