Four Conditions Under Which Abortion Can Be Performed

Four Conditions Under Which Abortion Can Be Performed

Abortion remains to be a strongly debated topic in a traditional country like India. The women do not own the total right for their bodies in case they are pregnant and have to take approval from the Government for terminating the pregnancy. The termination of pregnancy with the right medical procedure by government-owned medical institutions is known as Abortion.

Abortion in India is legal for a long time, but there are four conditions under which the abortion is allowed and they are as follows:

  • If the continuation of the pregnancy is risky for the life of the mother in whose womb the child is growing. The risk can be estimated in terms of mental and physical health.
  • If there are any abnormalities in the foetus or the developing baby in the womb, it shall be removed with the method of a safe abortion procedure.
  • In the married women, if the pregnancy occurs due to the failure of contraception, then it can be terminated timely with the right abortion medical procedures.
  • If the cause of the rape is sexual assault or rape of the women, as the continuation of such pregnancy can have a hazardous effect on the mental health of the mother.

Also, it should be kept in mind that abortion is done within 20 weeks of missing the first periods. After that, the removal of the foetus from the womb is a risky affair and hence, it is not allowed by the Government of India (except in some rare cases). The Legal Abortion In India is done by Abortion Hospital India at the genuine rates and with the trusted means. The professionals appointed for the purpose of terminating the pregnancy have an expert hand in the process and they make the whole procedure easy and acceptive for the woman considering adoption.

If you are seeking the best abortion services in India, trust the veterans who have been authorised by the Government instead of going to the faux clinics who are inexperienced with the whole process.

Additional tip: If you are an adult, above 18 years of age, you might not need any family member or your spouse to accompany you in the process, but it is wise to have someone to support you mentally and emotionally during the whole process.