Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion in India

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion in India

Q - Does abortion painful?

A - On a totality, it doesn't hurt much and secondly it depends on the type of treatment you choose. Generally, most people describe the feeling similar to menstrual cramps or period pain. This pain you would experience for a few weeks so your doctor could give you some medications to get healed soon after the termination of pregnancy.

Q - Which is the best abortion clinic in Delhi?

A - If you are looking for the best abortion clinic then you are in the right place. Abortion hospital in India is one of the leading places for serving women with the best and safe abortion treatments for the past few years. It is one of the most reliable and trustworthy abortion to go for.

Q - Can early pregnancy treatment in India be possible?

A - Yes, early pregnancy abortion is possible, if you are 1 month pregnant then you can go for MTP (Medical termination of pregnancy), which is the best option during this time. You can also take required consultation from a gynaecologist.

Q - Is the termination of pregnancy safe?

A - Yes, termination of pregnancy is safe and secure. If you thinking about the risk involved, abortion is safe and it is 10 times safer than childbirth, as giving birth had more complications and risk. Hence, you don't have to worry about any health complications.

Q - Is abortion legal?

A - Termination of pregnancy is legal in India in certain circumstances. It can be performed without any problem on several grounds during 20 weeks of pregnancy and in some exceptional cases, the court may also allow abortion for 24 weeks. Hence, you can easily avail the abortion treatments services without any doubt and wherever you live or you from.

Q - If I'm 16, can I have abortion safely?

A - Yes, if you are a young woman age of 16 you can have the abortion safely as teenage pregnancy is possible. In the case of teenage pregnancy, you need to take one of your parents or guardians in confidence and then you can have the treatment easily. We respect your decision but we also encourage you to talk to your family or parents and not to keep this clandestine. As through this, you can get the medical aid timely which would be best and safe for you.

Q - What care for abortion I should do?

A - Every woman responds differently after abortion, no matter how you feel later, you need to take care of yourself.

Follow these tips:

  • Prevent the consumption of alcohol
  • Don't lift heavy objects
  • Don't do heavy exercises for 24 hours at least
  • To reduce the risk of infection:
  • Prevent going for swimming
  • Not using hot tubs or jacuzzi
  • Don't insert tampons, menstrual cups or anything into the vagina.


Q - How will I feel after the termination of pregnancy?

A - Generally you may have experienced a few things after abortion that are as follows:

  • Bleeding: Some people experience vaginal bleeding right after abortion and continue they have spotting for up to 3 weeks. If it's getting heavy and you may feel it isn't normal, then you should consult your doctor immediately.
  • Cramping: It is normal to experience cramps after abortion, in some cases people don't feel anything. And get back to normal activities soon.

Q - Will I be able to have a baby later?

A - Having an abortion or termination of pregnancy doesn't affect your fertility or makes you infertile in most cases. You can get pregnant after a few weeks and can perceive the baby safely. Hence, it is just a myth that abortion affects women's fertility.

Q - Is medical abortion in India safe?

A - 100% yes medical abortion or MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) is a safe treatment and takes 2 to 3 days to end. The whole process involves timely consumption of medications under strict prescription as given by the doctor. It doesn't involve any surgery or anything like that.

Q - Whose consent is needed to get an abortion?

A - You need no one's consent or permission to get an abortion. Abortion is a solely right and every woman have a right to decide whether to perceive pregnancy or to abort it. If you are an adult woman you can discuss with your family and your partner and take them into confidence but the last decision it's all yours.

Q - Is medical abortion better than surgical abortion?

A- Both medical and surgical abortion is a good and safe way of terminating the pregnancy. And for which you have to go for, it depends on some medical factors which would be best advised by your gynaecologist as per your pregnancy period and any other health conditions.

Q - Can I take the abortion pill on my own?

A - Yes you can take the abortion pill by your own but any medication before you consume you should consult the doctor. As the doctor can suggest the best according to your pregnancy period and health conditions and it would be safer too. Secondly, medical abortion can happen at the clinic and home also but those medications are taken under strict prescription that you should follow to impede and eliminate any complications.

Q - Does the clinic maintain confidentiality?

A - We know for almost every women whether she's young or old, abortion is a personal and emotional decision to make and to respect the reason is all they want. Private clinics are one of the best abortion clinics in Delhi as they fully maintain the confidentiality and respects patient's privacy irrespective of her age and doesn't ask unnecessary questions. So you don't have to worry about any leakage of information or anything like that.

Q - Do women have the right to abortion in India?

A - Yes absolutely, women in India have the right to abortion and don't have to worry that it's an unethical act to do. In India, the government has given the allowance to get access to safe and secure termination of pregnancy as per the female's choice and decision. As it's not only a basic right, it's also about women's integrity and bodily autonomy.