Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion Hospital In India

Frequently Asked Questions About Abortion Hospital In India

Q. What is meant by Abortion?
A. Abortion can be explained as a procedure that is meant to terminate the pregnancy with the use of medicines or surgery. The whole process is aimed to remove embryo or fetus from the uterus of the woman.

Q. What is the minimum age of having an abortion in India?
A. The consent of a woman for abortion is acceptable if her age is 18 years or more. For a girl of lesser age, the consent of her guardian is required for terminating the pregnancy.

Q. Does abortion create a problem in further child-conceiving?
A. If the abortion is not done due to any medical complexities, it will not affect the fertility of a woman. However, if unsafe methods of abortion were practised, the woman might further face hindrances in conceiving a child.

Q. Do I have to put a pause on the sexual activities for some time after an abortion?
A. It is safe and thus suggested to avoid vaginal intercourse for approximately one to two weeks of having a medical abortion.

Q. Till what period of pregnancy can one go for oral medication for abortion?
A. The experts suggest that oral medication shall be consumed within 70 days of the occurrence of the last period, that is 10 weeks of pregnancy. However, if a woman has crossed this time limit, she has to consider having an in-clinic abortion in order to terminate the pregnancy.

Q. How will abortion affect my periods?
A. The women who went through the abortion shall get her periods after 8 weeks of the procedure completion. If the pregnancy is terminated through a medical procedure, then the periods will be longer and heavier than usual. However, if a surgical method of abortion is adopted, the periods will be shorter than usual.

Q. Up to how many weeks pregnancy can be terminated in India?
A. In India, there are strict laws for abortion. A woman can get her pregnancy terminated on several bases within the 24 weeks of conception. In some cases, the Government might extend this period keeping in mind the mental and physical health of the pregnant woman.

Q. Is abortion pill consumption safe?
A. Consumption of oral medication is the safest practice for terminating the pregnancy and doesn’t ruin the health of the consumer. However, like every other medical treatment, it might have some side-effects.

Q. How do I know if the abortion pill worked or not?
A. The oral medication method requires the consumption of two medicines. The first medicine, mifepristone doesn’t usually show any signs of working. However, after the consumption of the second pill, misoprostol, the woman will suffer from blood loss and cramps within a few hours. That is how it is known that the abortion pill has worked.

Q. Should there by someone accompanying me during the abortion?

A. There is no compulsion to accompany someone while having an abortion. But, it is advisable to have a trusted contact along with you while having the procedure done for emotional and physical support.

Q. Do I have to bring some diet changes after the abortion surgery?

A. After the abortion, the human body faces a lot of blood loss and for balancing the same, the women shall intake food rich in protein, vitamins and Iron. Green vegetables, fresh fruits and dairy products must be consumed in a massive amount after the abortion is done.