Medical vs surgical abortion-which one to choose?

Medical vs surgical abortion-which one to choose?

Abortion is a crucial part and aspect of healthcare. Women must have the right of termination of pregnancy, as it isn't just a right about women's integrity and bodily autonomy. There are two methods has used to terminate the pregnancy- medical abortion and surgical abortion.

Both surgical and medical abortion in India is legal can be easily availed by anyone.

Making the final decision to have an abortion can be challenging, and choosing the right type of method or procedure which is best for your circumstances can add to the confusion.

In this blog, we discuss the differences between both types of abortion methods. We are here to help you better understand the options available to you. Let's get started.

Medical vs surgical abortion

Surgical Abortion

Surgical abortion is also known as "aspiration abortion". It is one of the most commonly performed and safest pregnancy termination procedures.

Most commonly performed in the first trimester or up to 14 weeks gestation. The risk involved is low and less complication rate when carried out during this period. It can also be performed in the second trimester or up to 20 weeks and up to 24 weeks as per the condition of the patient. But at this particular time, it does involve a more surgical procedure.

In the first trimester, it is most often carried out under "twilight sedation". There are other options of local anaesthetic also available. After that, the doctor inserts a small path into the uterus and by the gentle suction removes the content of the uterus. This is why it is often called "suction curette".

Medical abortion in India

Medical abortion is also known as MTP (medical termination of pregnancy). It is a non-surgical abortion option and involves medications to end the pregnancy. It is available to most women up to 63 days gestation. Choosing between a medical or surgical is very much dependent on your pregnancy period and personal preference.

This method can be undertaken even without access to an abortion clinic. But we would suggest that consult the doctor before taking any abortion pills.

  • The first medicine should be taken at the clinic or home. It is an anti-hormone, which acts by blocking the hormone growth- the hormone needed for a pregnancy to continue.
  • After 24 to 48 hours, the second medication would be taken.

Almost all women are suitable for medical abortion in India. Few conditions may mean you are not suitable. The doctor will take a proper check on any medical history that you are eligible for medical abortion or not.

Hence, now you know what's the difference, how they performed so make the right choice and have a safe and secure termination of pregnancy.