Things You Need to Know About Right to Abortion in India

Things You Need to Know About Right to Abortion in India

In India, abortion is legal in certain situations as stated by the government and controlling unit. The termination of pregnancy law for married women, unmarried girls and rape victim vary instated law. Several other factors are also there that made it quite important to get all the details and information regarding the law. With the rising crime rate in foeticides, the abortion law clearly stated it illegal to detect the sex of the foetus, hence to differentiate the boundary line let's talk about more details. This made people get confused about what exactly it involves, what is ethical and what is not. Many people asked whether it was legal or illegal about the guidelines. This blog will talk about the law and medical abortion in India.

In India, access to safe and secure termination of pregnancy is allowed and services can be availed easily by any woman irrespective of any difference. But before taking a final decision you must consider a few guidelines.

The Law

The law about abortion that is MTP Act' 1917 (medical termination of pregnancy) pets clearly that there is a specified time to abort the pregnancy in India. If any person won't follow these terms or guidelines then it would be considered as a punishable offence.

If you end the pregnancy after the specified time of abortion then it would be termed as killing or foeticide. You can act upon your right to abortion in India but being into the guidelines. However, India has some laws which elaborate the termination process more some such as:

  • Legality in different situations
  • Legal time for abortion or termination of pregnancy
  • Punishments for breaking the guidelines

Medical Abortion in India

It is also known as medical termination of pregnancy quite similar like early pregnancy miscarriage. It involves ending the pregnancy through medications given under strict prescription on a timely basis. The medicines stop the formation of pregnancy hormones which results in rupturing of walls or the pregnancy.

The medications that are given are as follows:

  • Misoprostol
  • Mifepristone

Medical abortion in India can happen both at home and the clinic as per your preference and need. The doctor will thoroughly explain to you about the after-effects. Mainly, you will experience bleeding similar to periods, cramps, clotting, pain. It might be possible that you experience severe pain, in that case, the doctor will prescribe you some medicines that will help you to deal with the after-effects.

Make these challenging decisions with the right piece of information and doctors consultation. Avoid taking any medicines without consulting a doctor as these medicines have after-effects which can harm your health. Be safe and always try to get the right and expert medical help.