Post-Abortion Care: Self Care and Recovery

Post-Abortion Care: Self Care and Recovery

Abortion is an effective method to terminate the pregnancy. It is an ideal choice for women who do not want to continue their pregnancy due to some personal reasons. Women undergo several physiological and mental problems during or after the abortion. Abortion is safe when you get it from an experienced medical practitioner.

A proper caring after an abortion is important to prevent infections and complications. Some women may feel normal after an abortion while some may experience pain and bleeding for a couple of hours. But don’t worry, a doctor will provide you with antibiotics and pain relievers to reduce the discomfort. Read the useful information below to follow for after abortion care.

What to expect after an abortion?

After determining the pregnancy stage, a doctor may suggest different methods of abortion that are suitable for you in terms of medical history, health condition and stage of pregnancy. Abortion procedures involve:

  • Medical Abortion
  • Surgical Abortion: Vacuum Aspiration, Dilation and Evacuation

Medically, early abortion treatment reduces the chances of risks. Most of the women may face similar symptoms in both the abortion methods. Especially during the second trimester, it is essential to take care of yourself because in this case, the symptoms might be more serious. Here are some symptoms which are normal to experience after having an abortion:

  • Heavy bleeding or spotting for a couple of days. However, some women do not endure bleeding at all.
  • Cramping similar as before or slightly heavier than usual.
  • Pain and swollen breasts.

The menstrual period should return within 4-8 weeks after an abortion. Some women also experience emotional trauma due to hormonal changes. Abortion does not cause infertility. Pregnancy can happen again after an abortion. Hence, it is essential to use contraceptive methods when having sex to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

How to take care of yourself after an abortion?

After an abortion, women feel uncomfortable and slightly unwell. Bleeding, cramping and pain is quite normal. You should seek the help of someone who can drive home from the clinic and make sure that you take a complete rest for a speedy recovery. Below are some things you must avoid to prevent side effects:

  • Avoid inserting anything like tampons, menstrual cups, etc. into your vagina. Use sanitary pads instead.
  • Do not go swimming for 1-2 weeks.
  • Have a shower instead of bathing.
  • Avoid having sex for a couple of days.
  • Do not exercise for at least a week.

Below are some guidelines you should follow for self-care after an abortion:

  • During cramping, gently massage on your stomach can help to reduce cramps and pain.
  • Put a heating pad on your stomach to get relief from cramping and pain.
  • Take any medicines and antibiotics following the instructions of the doctor.
  • Examine your body temperature for at least a week on a regular basis.
  • Visit for follow-up appointments at the clinic after a few weeks. This is necessary to make sure the termination is successful.

How much time will it take to recover after an abortion?

The recovery time of abortion varies from woman to woman. Women who get an abortion during the first trimester and those who do not have any severe health conditions will usually back to their normal routine within a couple of days. In the late-term abortions, recovery may take a bit longer than the early termination. Although, most of the women will feel completely fine and recover within a few weeks.

In case of an emergency, it is best to immediately speak to your doctor for better assistance. Ask the right medical practitioner about what steps you should take after an abortion and what’s best for you.