Legal Abortion Services in India

Legal Abortion Services in India

The advancement in the field of Medically aborting the pregnancy had changed the scenario of physical and mental trauma a woman goes through when she came to know about the unwanted pregnancy.

Unwanted pregnancy not only affects the women but can be a part of the concern for the partner in many cases. Medical abortion in India is legal and thus provides relief to modern women who want to terminate their pregnancy through legal ways.

Termination of pregnancy through the legal procedure provides a thoughtful piece of mind to the patient and allows them to proceed in the process safely.

According to the medical termination of pregnancy Act 1971, the termination of pregnancy up to 20 weeks is legal. There are two ways to clean the content of the uterus legally; the one is medical abortion while another is surgical abortion. Both procedures are completely safe and give proven results. The conditions for the legal process in India are:

  • Pregnancy caused by the failure of the contraception method adopted by women.
  • If pregnancy is a result of rape or sexual assault
  • If a fetus has severe malfunction
  • unwanted pregnancy is causing harm to women both, mentally and physically.

Law for Medical Abortion for unmarried girls

With the rise of cases of pregnancy among teenage and mostly unmarried girls, the law of abortion says

  • For girls below 18 years of age has to provide consent of any parent (or guardian) to proceed for any procedure.
  • For a woman ( which means above 18 years of age) her consent without any parent or guardian is applicable.

Medical abortion in India

There are two ways to abort a child legally. Namely,

  • Medical abortion
  • Surgical abortion

Medical abortion

Medical abortion refers to the process of terminating the pregnancy through abortion pills, prescribed by the doctor. The method is best to terminate the pregnancy for up to ten weeks. Medical abortion does not require any surgery or anesthesia and known to provide 98% results.

The best abortion services in India provided by the standard hospital does not require multiple visits to the doctors. The patient has to visit the hospital twice or thrice only.

The doctor will confirm the pregnancy in the first visit and examine your pre-medical conditions. After which the pills are prescribed, and taken under strict medical supervision.

Surgical abortion

Surgical abortion is a process of cleaning the content of the uterus through surgery. The procedure needs 20 minutes of operation in which anesthesia is involved. Vacuum tube suction removes the tissues of the pregnancy.

A surgical abortion facility is available at the best abortion services in India. The procedure gives 99% results in 100% cases.

The doctor will confirm the pregnancy and provide the operating date. One needs 4-5 hours to get back home after the surgery.

Which procedure of abortion is the best?

The maturity of pregnancy decides for a medical or surgical abortion. Both the procedures are completely safe and give 99% results. It mainly depends upon the pregnancy and the pre-medical conditions of the patient to opt for any of them.

Abortion is a sensitive issue, and hence it should be performed by the experienced medical personal. The best medical abortion services in India are safe as well as legal for the women who decided to undergo any termination procedure.

Prevention to follow after the procedure

  • Take a shower instead of a bath.
  • Avoid intimidation with the partner for a few days.
  • Do not take any medicine without consulting the doctor.
  • Do not use tampons, menstrual cups, etc.