Have the Secure Medical Abortion in India

Have the Secure Medical Abortion in India

Having an abortion is a highly personal matter. We all like things when they go as per the planning, we have the right to plan our family and everything. But when things get sudden due to an unwanted pregnancy, it comes with a lot of trauma, tension and nervousness. It affects the woman both physically and mentally. But other than all this it is a sole right to choose between perceiving the pregnancy or terminating it.

Secondly, you don't have to worry about that it is right or wrong, because abortion in India is totally legal. The government gave the allowance for the access of safe abortion in India, so now you can easily take the medical aids without any hindrance.

Who all can avail the services?

Any woman can easily avail the services without any problem. It's not that only local and national patients can get the treatment but any person living in a different country can get the services and treatment. The whole process of abortion in India is done surreptitiously, so you don't have to worry about disclosure of any intention information that is related to you. Clinics and doctors give the utmost attention and respect to the person's decision and their feelings or emotions.


Abortion is basically practised through two main methods or ways. Both the methods are safe and secure, basically, it depends on the time of the pregnancy that which method is suitable for you and these are as follows:

  • Surgical abortion
  • Medical abortion

Medical Abortion:

Today we will talk about one of the safe and easy methods that are medical abortion in India. Abortion is one of the safest choices to make as it is less risky than childbirth.

If you are nervous or confused, then you don't have to because this method is safe and convenient. You just have to consult your doctor or gynaecologist, and then you will know which option of best for you.

  • This treatment or method is taken into action up to 12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • This method includes giving medications to the patient under strict prescription.
  • This treatment involves the termination of pregnancy through medicines, and no surgical operation is done.
  • The medicines that are given are:
    • Mifepristone
    • Misoprostol