Abortions in India

Abortions in India

Abortion is a sensitive point of discussion. Abortion in itself is a highly sensitive thing to talk, even for the doctors, when it comes to explaining it to their patients. In a country like India, where there is an extensive stigma associated with the entire idea of abortion, it is difficult to even start an insightful discussion on abortion, in our country. This, thus, leads to fatality as the patients, usually women who become desperate and need to abort the fetus to devise dangerous and illegal abortion ways.

The legal prospect of abortion in India

According to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, there is a proper framework maintained to make availability of medical services for women until the 20 weeks of gestation. In some exceptional cases, it might be possible to perform until 24 weeks.

A patient living in any country can get an abortion in India without giving attention to their religion, region, financial status and caste. Both domestic and international citizens are free to consult a medical practitioner and ask for help.

Teenage abortion in India

As already discussed, abortions in itself is a highly stigmatised topic in our country, even until today. Things get worsened up more when it involves a teenager. Teenage abortion in India is looked onto as a taboo. It is something which is considered to be against the social norms and still considered to be heinous by most orthodox beliefs.

Discussion regarding copulation or the act of sex has been imposed with high restrictions. There is extensive hesitation among the people to talk about nature's process- Sex. The entire narrative turns upside down when it comes to teenage abortions.

Legal prospect regarding teenage abortion in India

Abortions in teens are already legal in India. A minor who is under the age of 18 requires parental consent. It is covered under the same Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971, by the Indian Constitution.

The taboo regarding sex-related issues

These pertaining trends of stigma encircling sex-related issues, in our country is a great hindrance towards a better society, a better tomorrow. The young children, mainly the teenagers end up with some sexual mishaps. This is only due to their ignorance. In the teenage, where the body sees transformation, hormonal as well as structural, feeling sexual urges and inquisitiveness regarding sex is very normal. The point where it gets devastating is when they do not get the secure and comfortable enough environment to speak about it. This leads them, experimenting with sexual activities and indulge in unsafe sex, the resultant being, untimely conception. The teenagers are not well informed about safe sex, contraceptives, STDs and all other important aspects one has to know before getting sexually active. The role the adults play here is thus, is of huge importance and impression.

Today, there are abortion hospitals in India which have some of the most efficient medical professionals to get advice from. They have great expertise and experience as well, and if sought help at the correct time, can be of great aid.

Why conduct abortions in teenage?

Teenage is the age of 13-19 and part of the early 20s. This is the apex period of the growth years of a person. Not only in terms of physique or hormones but as a prospect for their future as well. The actual nourishment and polishing are done in these years. Thus, teenage children need to be dealt with utmost care and perseverance.

If somehow, they end up in a mishap, there should be an environment in the home where they can openly seek help for their agony. Unnecessary scolding and thrashing never solve the issue rather worsen it.

Abortion hospitals in India

Today, there are some of the best abortion hospitals in India to be accessed by all. In any such state of anguish, one needs to feel free and promptly seek suggestion from the highly qualified doctors at these hospitals. There are quite much deeper technicalities that go in these processes of abortion.

Fix up a consultation with the doctor, let them know about your condition, and after a few tests or so, they would recommend the best option for you. There are various types of abortion which can be performed keeping in mind the condition of the patient.

At a minor age, do not hesitate to talk about your pregnancy with your parents. It is highly necessary to get the support of your parents and elders who are mature enough to take your responsibility when you need the right care and assistance.