Safe Abortion for Teens

Safe Abortion for Teens

World around us changes overnight during our teenage phase. It is essential for us to play safe. Be well informed before taking any step ahead.

Adolescence is a sensitive phase and to deliver the right information and the right help is quite essential. We must understand that teens are most vulnerable to complications to abortion. In this blog, I'll highlight some of the important information regarding teens abortion procedure, legalities and much more.

As per the estimated facts, teenage pregnancies account for almost 16% of the total pregnancies in India. 9% of total maternal deaths are due to teen pregnancy. So, this indicates it's quite important to get the right help and safe abortion for teens.

Legal Status Of Abortion for teens in India

The MTP Act' (medical termination of pregnancy act) approved in India in 1971, it was enacted in 1972. This act permits abortion for a broad range of social and medical reasons and in case of minors it has been defined as under the age of 18, written consent by the guardian is necessary. Whereas, on the other hand in case of adult women, no consent is required and you can avail abortion services without any permission.

How should parents react?

Parents should react in a way to give the best help and it quite important to discuss the effect of pregnancy and abortion with your kid. Make sure that they would feel comfortable and understand why you are sharing them to do certain things and what values you wanted to convey. Make sure they won't feel stuck into making the right choices and help them go through all the problems. Talk to them regarding emotional aspects and not the health and safety measures. This would help them to stay safe and informed in future and lead a happy life. If they ask you any question regarding contraception or anything else, then answer them and don't take it negatively.

Make possible that you would help you in delivering the right medical help with the safe and secure abortion for teens.

Teen abortion procedure and method

There are two methods for termination of pregnancy. For which you have to go for would be best suggested by the doctor. Each abortion treatment or method depends upon the time and duration of the pregnancy. Let's discuss the treatments and what all it includes.

  • Medical abortion: This treatment is also known as MTP (medical termination of pregnancy). In this method, the pregnancy is ended with the help of medications which are given under strict prescription. These medications are commonly known as abortion pills. This method can happen both at home and in the clinic. You can also call it as an early miscarriage. prevent taking abortion pills without any doctor's prescription because they have some side effects.
  • Surgical abortion: This treatment includes some surgical procedure and the pregnancy is ended by suction pull in the uterus.