Priorities of Abortion Services According to Women

Priorities of Abortion Services According to Women

Safe abortion services are a crucial aspect of healthcare as to deliver the best abortion in India. Facts and figures suggest that approximately 1 in 4 pregnancies worldwide will end in termination. But the question is- what constitutes quality termination of pregnancy care for the patients that access these medical services?

There are basically two methods that are being used to terminate the pregnancy- survival abortion and medical Abortion in India. Women not only want just abortion services, but wants to access quality medical procedures.

Here are some of the most commonly recognised things that women think they are important:

Attended by kind and polite staff

Being attended to by a polite clinic staff makes the patients feel comfortable, as abortion is one of the personal thing. The reasons for unwanted pregnancy could be anything and all they seek for respecting their decision.

Women accessing termination services prioritize being treated with respect, and politeness. Positive interactions with staff are highly valued as abortion remains taboo in many communities.

An effective and safe process

The most essential aspect of abortion services is one on the doctor, the way he treats you, attends you. The time he gives you the drugs, he gives the right one, and offers the right service and medical aid. Women highly value efficacy and safety of the process as well as competence of the staff. Women also give importance to accessing quality medication. There's a best Abortion clinic in Delhi, which serves patients with utmost care, so if you are looking for one then you can go for the same.

Females defined a successful and safe abortion as one that brings no complications and maintains a womens fertility.

Right information

Receiving the right, clear and accurate information plays a vital role in getting the right treatment at the right time. Doctors must make the patient aware of all vital information like symptoms after taking the pills, when to seek assistance or call back for help, if there is heavy bleeding then what to consider.

Women availing abortion services want to have a clear understanding of what to do and expect after and during the procedure. Receiving the right pre and post abortion care for a healthy treatment.

Non-judgemental Counselling

Women prefer availing supportive and non-judgemental counselling sessions. Patients valued being listened to, supported during the decision making process. Also to be able to share their concerns and confusions with the healthcare providers.

Young girls want friendly counselling to feel comfortable and not to fear medical treatments. To get the right help in decision making.

Confidentiality and privacy

You can avail Medical Abortion in India from anywhere from the world without any fear as the clinics here maintains confidentiality and privacy of patient's. For women, they don't want that information to be leaked out, that's why confidentiality is very key.

It is one of the important aspects for females when seeking services. It is essential as women fear facing stigma from their communities, as many countries still didn't legalised abortion.

These are some of the factors that women try to get while looking for treatment. And where they would get it, they call it quality services. Get the best information and take the right Abortion treatment and lead a healthy life.