Teenage Abortion: Creating Awareness

Teenage Abortion: Creating Awareness

There is a tremendous hike in teenage pregnancies which happen usually due to the lack of sex education or because of the increasing rape cases. In both the mentioned cases, a girl is never prepared to give birth to a kid no matter whatever the myths and moral conducts apply to it. The process of pregnancy and its true meaning shall be attained only by a mature girl, who understands the responsibility she is getting into. But before talking about teen abortion in India or teenage abortion in India, let’s look at some initial actions we could work on as well.

The basic and foremost step one can perform to avoid and reduce teenage pregnancies are as follows:

Early sex education in educational institutions as well as at home.

Early sex education installs in one’s mind with utmost depth. Giving them the right knowledge at the age where they are curious lets them understand the concept well enough to make sure of the right decisions. Especially when it comes from their parents and teachers.

Availability and access to contraception pills.

The need for teenagers or adults to have access to contraception pills is necessary, where sex is not a taboo among the modern generations of India anymore. The sale of contraception pills can be made available to the ones in need. This will help reduce the number of pregnancies.

Parental education to give them an awareness of the teenage sexual motivations.

Education begins at home, no matter what a parent believes personally or morally, it is necessary to bring some enlightenment to their minds about the motivations, feelings, and curiosity; teenagers tend to have at that phase of life. This will help the parents to guide their children in a better and open-minded approach.

Even if there are several things, we could do to stop pregnancy, some unfortunate things are bound to happen. In such cases, the primitive and foremost thing to do is to normalize ‘teenage abortion’. The concept of teen abortion in India or teenage abortion in India is not dealt with much open-mindedness. The struggle to develop the existing mindset of people is agreeably difficult but not impossible. Such developments can be seen when legally such topics on laws will receive modifications. People need to understand the concept of abortion and its necessity among teenagers from the roots and basic definition of the same.

A law exists pertaining to adult or teen abortion in India or teenage abortion in India, according to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971. Yet the awareness of the seriousness only knocks on the door when the situation goes out of hand. In such scenarios, it is mandatory to seek professional advice or help. This professional help should also be considered after a good factual check instead of falling into any traps and getting deceived.

Teenage abortion or teen abortion needs a well – equipped hospital. AHII is one of the most secure medical environments that assist you with the required knowledge, awareness, and care. There are not many officially designed abortion hospitals in India. Yet, Abortion hospital in India is recognized as the safest and legally abortion in India.

They assure and advice complete safe abortion techniques one can go for, pertaining to an individual’s health, age, and requirement. But such circumstances can be obtained only when a woman encounters a positive approach towards the topic of abortion rather than facing hatred for her decisions. Society has a long way to go for development as the mindset is concerned, yet let’s not give up hope and keep fighting for the desired notion of will.