Common Myths About Abortion

Common Myths About Abortion

Despite living in the 21st century, the perception of abortion of some of the people is highly distorted. People are blindly following several misconceptions that are completely baseless. Misinformation and inaccurate guidance of anyone can cause harm to the health of women. The false beliefs of people can affect your health and make improper family planning.

Most of the people don’t have any idea how abortion really works. The main thing you need to keep in mind that abortion it’s horrifying and frightening. If you’re pregnant and want to abort your child, you must approach the right healthcare provider for the genuine assistance where you can get unbiased treatment. Here are some myths you might believe about abortion which needs to be busted:

Myth 1: Abortion is illegal in India

Under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy, abortion in India is permitted up to 20 weeks of pregnancy maintaining the grounds of abortion laws in India. Instead of making it easier for women, many people assume on their own that it’s illegal. In fact, when the continuance of pregnancy can cause any risk to the health of the woman, abortion is the best choice and is legal in India.

Myth 2: Abortion causes infertility

There are people who believe that the medical instruments utilized during a surgical abortion to remove the tissues of the foetus cause infection and also infertility. Fortunately, medical practices these days and abortion procedures are sterilized and gentle. Therefore, the risk of infertility and infections is zero. And using any abortion procedure does not lead to infertility.

Myth 3: Abortion leads to Breast Cancer

It isn’t true. Getting an abortion is not going to cause breast cancer. Someone is more likely to have breast cancer whose family has had a medical history. Otherwise, this is not something a woman can get after having an abortion.

Myth 4: Abortion causes long-term psychological and emotional problems

A woman who is suffering from severe health issues and terminates her pregnancy due to health complications may face mental trauma for a couple of hours. But it does not stay for a long time. Women undergo various physical and mental changes during an abortion it is more natural to have mental trauma for a while.

People who do not support abortion make false assumptions to stop women from deciding to abort. Even most of the women have found to get relief after an abortion. If a woman can get proper support and help, she will not experience any kind of psychological and emotional problems before and after an abortion.

Myth 5: Abortions are painful

Every woman will have unique abortion experiences. Some women may feel completely normal while some women may experience bleeding and cramping. If a woman is enduring with some pain, a medical practitioner suggests taking a pain reliever which is quite normal. It is ideal to consult the genuine abortion clinic in India for better advice and support.