5 Things You Should Not Do After Having an Abortion

5 Things You Should Not Do After Having an Abortion

Abortion is not always an easy decision to take for every woman. Women undergo various psychological changes while thinking and planning to abort a child due to their own personal reasons. The emotional and physical problems totally depend on each individual. Abortion is the most effective way to terminate the pregnancy and women often choose this method as it is safer.

Every woman should always keep their health on the first priority and should not compromise with a healthcare provider. Whether you’re experiencing heavy bleeding, nausea, pain, cramps or any other complications for a quite long after an abortion, then you must get yourself checked immediately. Do not hesitate to ask for help when you need it. Take care of yourself, be powerful.

In this article, we will discuss the things women should not do after having an abortion. So let’s take a look for a faster recovery process.

Avoid Using Tampons

After getting an abortion, a doctor does not recommend to insert tampons into the vagina. For that matter, you should not insert anything else as well. When you had an abortion, the cervix is widened up and thus, it is prone to have an infection. Therefore, inserting things like tampons, sex objects, menstrual cups can increase the chances of developing an infection. Instead, you can use sanitary pads and towels.

Do Not Lift Anything Heavy

Some women may not start bleeding right after the abortion procedure while some may experience heavy bleeding for a couple of days. Do not get panic, it is normal. You must avoid lifting anything heavy in the gym as well as at home like weights, dumbbells, boxes, big dogs, etc. Otherwise, it may increase the intensity of cramping and bleeding. Try to take a break for a few days with heavy bags or such similar things either until bleeding and cramping quieten down.

Do Not Swim

A swimming pool is not just a pool of water filled with chemicals but also full of other human’s bodies. Therefore, swimming can increase the chances to get an infection after an abortion. Normally, these germs and chemicals do not affect as much as our bodies are able to function properly. As we have discussed before, the cervix is wide and such things can cause infections. Same goes with the bathtub. Keep it simple, it is better to enjoy running shower instead of soaking your bodies in the bathtub.

Do Not Get Too Attached to Aspirin

Yes, aspiring is absolutely a saviour that women often require after a night of stress and pain. But an extreme consumption of aspirin may increase the chances of bleeding and is not at all advisable to take after an abortion procedure. In case you’re going through pain, heavy bleeding, stress or any such things after an abortion, you should consult your healthcare provider instead of taking aspirin on your own. It can also cause vomiting, nausea, stomachache and make it even worse.

Do Not Forget to Follow Up

Right after your treatment, a doctor will give you the necessary information, prescribe medicines and precautions for a speedy recovery process. Still, it is highly important to get yourself checked by your healthcare provider in a couple of weeks after having an abortion. A doctor will follow up on an ultrasound test to determine the success of abortion. You may get to know the status of your cervix, possibilities of infections and overall health condition. It is good to know that your abortion recovery is not the right track.

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In case of an emergency, call up your doctor. Do not try to make any compromises with your health. Both physical recovery and mental health matters. Feel free to send us any query regarding abortion in India and abortion aftercare. We’d love to assist you!